MUCH THE SAME – Everything Is Fine 12” LP


Reunited in 2015 after an 8 year hiatus, Chicago’s MUCH THE SAME continues carrying the torch of aggressive, melodic skate punk. Much The Same now celebrates its 20-year anniversary and guitarist Dan O’Gorman’s recent victory over cancer by releasing their third full-length album ‘Everything is Fine’, their first release since 2006. All orders come with free Much The Same vinyl stickers!
200 x Transparent Light Blue Vinyl w/ Opaque Blue Splatter

PLEASE NOTE: Vinyl colours may vary from mockup image displayed.
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1. Burner
2. Snake in the Grass
3. You Used to Have a Garden
4 Haunted
5. Man of Science, Man of Faith
6. Homecoming
7. Strangers in Fiction
8. In the Event of…
9. Passengers

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Weight 300 g
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 0.5 cm