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With a demo, an EP and a 5 way split already under their belt, New Zealand hardcore quartet Out Cold A.D's hard work ethic hits paydirt with the release of their debut album “This Is Survival”. The album showcases ten tracks of the band's furious, in-your-face style and features guest vocals from Antagonist A.D's Sam Crocker. “This Is Survival” is an uncompromising release for fans of Lionheart, Cruel Hand, Terror, Trapped Under Ice.

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1. Survival
2. You Don't Fool Me
3. Modern Day Strain
4. I Hope
5. The Blind Leading The Blind
6. 12:51
7. For Better Or Worse (And I'm Hoping The Worst)
8. Alcatraz
9. Constant Fight
10. Aftermath

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