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Repackaged and repressed as a digipak, the debut album by Adelaide party punk band HIGHTIME serves up some of the most fun, heartdriven and diverse songs in Australian punk rock today. Featuring 13 brand new tracks, this album is a clear representation of just how fun it can be for a band to push its own musical boundaries in the name of creativity. “Ishi Prende” features original artwork by Spanish artist Javier Ruiz Arregui. For fans of NOFX, Sublime, and Stike Anywhere. facebook.com/hightimemusic

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1. Beer Garden
2. Lag Behind
3. Reject
4. Lay Low
5. Plug Your Feet
6. To Spoil
7. Figure This Out
8. Share Your Smokes
9. Don't Move Away
10. Nothing To Stop
11. Ishi Prende
12. Loan Shark
13. Die For Something

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