JET MARKET – Sparks Against Darkness CD

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Jet Market possessed a strong DIY ethic and socio-political lyrics which dealt with such topics as war, religion, animal rights, the environment, the music industry and more drawing influences from bands like Strike Anywhere and Propagandhi.

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1. Lame Attempts At Improving A Lost Art
2. My Deep Black Nights
3. 15 Hundred Miles For A 15 People Show
4. Aiming High
5. Sparks Against Darkness
6. You Can Always Make My Day
7. Used To The Worst
8. The Missing Link
9. Don’t Say You’re Sorry, Because You’re Not
10. Wayfarers
11. As Tides Chance
12. Hate Is Baggage
13. Expectations Vs Facts
14. Myth Became Legend. Legend Became History

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