Adelaide trio Patriarchal Death Machine return to their socio-political best with their new EP “Yes!”. Old school hardcore punk with songs that are highly political and delivered with passion and conviction. For fans of Good Riddance, Propagandhi, Dead Kennedys and Cro Mags.

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1. A Vulgar Display Of Brute Force, Ignorance And Colonial Imperialism
2. Yes, I Will Continue To Mask Myself And Indulge In Molotov Cocktails For As Long As I Can See Clubs, Shields And Tear Gas
3. The Irony Of It All
4. Destroy This System
5. Don’t Try To Make Me Kiss Your Cronulla Cape Because I’ll Tear It From Your Shoulders And Shove It So Far Down Your Throat That You’ll Choke!
6. The Scourge
7. The Party At Sky City Will Fucking End

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