STRENGTH APPROACH – All The Plans We Made Are Going To Fail CD


Italian hardcore quintet Strength Approach have been tearing apart the European h/c scene for over ten years and toured Australia for the first time with this special Aussie release that features 3 new bonus tracks (which include a Black Flag* and a Sick Of It All** cover) for just 2 bucks! For fans of Sick Of It All, Minor Threat and Kid Dynamite at a cheap punk price.


1. Anthem For A Wasted Generation
2. All The Plans We Made Are Going To Fail
3. The Alarm
4. Minus One
5. Forked Tongue
6. The Outsider Song
7. Far From Glory
8. In A Broken Stereo
9. It’s Not Pessimistic Just Realistic
10. Every End Has A Start
11. Die Alone
12. Just A Simple Plan
13. My Life Is A Side Project
14. We Are The Guilty
15. I’d Rather Fall On My Own Mistakes Than Have You Bring Me Down To Yours
16. Dead Wrong
17. Rise Above*
18. Pushed Too Far**

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