We’re stoked to announce that pre-orders for the new HIGHTIME EP “Thrive” are available on our Pee Records webstore now!
After a decade of creating music together, Hightime have managed to develop a sound that seamlessly winds it way through various genres, straying from the path and belief that a band needs only one style to survive.

‘Thrive’ is a record that encourages perspective, growth, determination, honesty and agency within everyone’s lives to ensure we are all living as best we can, for both ourselves and the world around us. Living your life whilst finding joy and fulfilment can be really difficult sometimes, and there is hope that Thrive can do for others what it has done for Hightime, to nurture and encourage positive growth and grounding perspective.
Featuring the upbeat surf-rock tinged ‘Quit Ya Job’, a song written to encourage people towards embracing what makes them happy, then later venturing to the sweet soulful sounds of ‘Say What You Mean’; a sobering look at how important it is to be honest with yourself and others, whilst taking only what we need, not just from people, but also from an environmental perspective. The EP’s first single ‘Quit Ya Job’ premiered on Triple J’s Short.Fast.Loud on Wednesday night and is the grat track with all pre-orders.
Thrive is Hightime’s coming of age record; a story about reconnecting with yourself, others, and the earth we all live upon.

The Limited Edition EP will be available on Transparent ‘Reign In Blood’ Red vinyl with our good mates at Lockjaw Records (UK) distributing a bunch of records for all our EU friends!
With “Thrive” in stores nationally on Friday 27 March on Digital and 7″ EP, be the first to place your pre-order here today!
Pre-Order ‘Thrive’ Here!