Forming in 2010 Promises showed in very little time what they were capable of producing. Promises comprises of the bulk of the now defunct Vices For Virtues, a Gold Coast band that was known for their passionate live performances and insistence on meaningful, message-based lyrics. In these respects, Promises were no different. The tracks on their debut EP “Hopeless Sons” and “Evergreen” full length are a personal, meaningful, and melodic form of hardcore in the vein of Killing The Dream, Defeater, and Ruiner, without sounding like yet another carbon copy. Promises called it a day and played their final show at Miami Shark Bar on 8th April 2016

Zaca – Vocals | Casey – Guitar | Joe – Guitar | Nic – Drums | MC – Bass

PROMISES - Evergreen PROMISES - Hopeless Sons EP


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